Ab-Normal better known as Abdul-Rahim Brown. Born and raised in the city of Washington,D.C. by his single seamstress mother. He was always a creative. In his youth he enjoyed drawing, customizing hats and tagging buildings. Adolescence brought the distraction of street activities. In his adulthood creativity kicked in motivating him to move forward with two others to open up a music production studio. Abdul’s creative juices connected and produced for a plethora of top DMV artists like Wale, Fat Trel and others. During that time he began dabbling in the arts. Eventually, his co-producer quits and his wife leaves him. As a result Abdul becomes submerged in his artwork. Leading to an organic style of abstract expression that is his brand ABNORMAL.

“As an abstract expressionist I use spontaneous color palettes filled with vivid emotion. Often referencing vintage characters to describe my moody thought process. Portrait references are picked based on the perspective of the subject. I begin my masterpieces with a sketch. Then, layer colors with a palette knife, smearing, splattering, splashing, and dripping paint with intention. In the end, you have one of a kind ABNORMAL art pieces that are crafted with definition and vibrant colors.”

Giving Tree, street art gallery and weed dispensary

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